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December 15, 2012
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(Retrospect): Vector Sprites by The-Knick (Retrospect): Vector Sprites by The-Knick
Finally, I filled this with an exceptional amount of material! This isn't everything we'll see in (Retrospect), but it's a lot of the core features. And with this out of my way, I'm going to stop tinkering with this game for a while.

- I also included the pixel versions of some sprites to compare.
- DOWNLOAD for full view!

Character Notes:
:bulletblue: CEE is our hero! Yay!
:bulletblue: Apatha and Thalma are nurses in the tiny town of Namlet
:bulletblue: Atama spends her time studying old artifacts. Her brother, Tomas, is a soldier in DESCENT.
:bulletblue: Forest Sages are really old folk who guide CEE on her journey.
:bulletblue: ??? is a ranky-dank homeless girl. Nobody knows her name, and she doesn't remember it either.
:bulletblue: Tre is strange boy who hangs out in the thicket near Namlet.
:bulletblue: Technophobe Skirmishers are DESCENT grunts who use machetes to fight.
:bulletblue: Mardmibel is known simply as "The Colonel" amongst her subordinates. Her ancestors were the founders of DESCENT.
:bulletblue: Tesma is supposedly CEE's creator, but is nowhere to be found.
:bulletblue: Zeko is a blind boy in Namlet. Supposedly, the operation necessary to fixing his eyes is banned by the technophobic government.
:bulletblue: Energy spirits are ancient folk who are rarely seen by the eyes of man. They inhabit the temples that have stood sturdy through time.

Item Notes:
:bulletgreen: Her AEn.C/D blaster is her primary weapon. I'm debating on whether it'll be customizable for extra effects (solid bullets, rapidfire, laser, fire, ice, etc.) - or if the effects should just be separate weapons.
:bulletgreen: ARM, ACTION, and MODE equips are three separate slots, though MODE equips disable the use of ARM or ACTION equips.
:bulletgreen: Rubber Mode makes CEE smaller, pliable, and bouncy.
:bulletgreen: Sub Mode makes CEE watertight (She is otherwise damaged when submerged) and allows her to travel underwater. She is able to still use her AEn.C/D blaster in this mode.
:bulletgreen: Tank Mode makes CEE larger, heavier, stronger, and almost invincible. She can only perform physical attacks in this mode.
:bulletgreen: Ghost Mode makes CEE an energy entity, and she can pass through certain terrain and damage certain enemies on contact. She also has... other abilities as well.
:bulletgreen: CEE's Crystal Core is her source of power, and can emit a holographic screen to display game menus.
:bulletgreen: Her hoodie/chasis has a storage comparment.
:bulletyellow: The Hammerspace Directory allows her to turn bulk items into data (or back) to allow a much much greater storage capacity. She acquires this and her hoodie/chasis very early on.
:bulletyellow: Heart Cores are a key item in the main story (save for one single Heart Core that is optional). They increase her life capacity, and grant her more human emotions; unlocking new quest paths.
:bulletyellow: Cooling Conduit, Power Card, RAMBOX, and Defender Disc are enhancers used to customize CEE's stats to your liking.

Enemy Notes:
:bulletpurple: The Catbox is a symbiotic relationship between a domestic cat and a cardboard box. They're extremely territorial.
:bulletpurple: Phytocubes are plantlife that leach off of the energy of old technology. They can even store data from computers, but they lack the ability to understand it.
:bulletpurple: Aquadauls are cephalopods that can control water around them, and float in the air.
:bulletpurple: Plasma Pods are simple plantlife that suck up energy and store it. Often, their roots also connect to nearby devices and power them.
:bulletpurple: Gremlins and Ogres are nocturnal creatures that despise of sunlight. They stay underground until nighttime. They're sentient enough to wear clothes, use tools, understand basic math, and speak a broken language.
:bulletpurple: Neo Mophers are super-evolved Mophers. They prefer living underground or at low altitudes.
:bulletpurple: Eidolon Defenders are sentient statues left behind in the ancient temples. They're a force to be reckoned with, and are able to adapt to situations. They speak an ancient dialect.


It's extremely fun working with these concepts. A lot of (Retrospect)'s concepts are either revived from dead projects or reshaped concepts that appear in my other projects. Avid fans may be able to point out a few of those reused concepts (I might compose a list of all the reused/recycled concepts someday)

And while I'm a nut when it comes to colors, it's a really refreshing exercise to use a limited color pallet.

I really can't wait to start working on this game in the future. :D

(Retrospect), CEE, and other characters and concepts © by I, Nick Roger/*The-Knick. Do not copy or distribute.

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kutoal Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
AMAZING! me gustaron bastante, excelente trabajo!
Ephanelle Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Tesma, tribute to Tenma from astroboy ? =)
I really like these even if I kinda like the pixel version better (especially your upgraded sprite)
The-Knick Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Tesma was actually aimed more towards Nikola Tesla, but I suppose that works too!

And thanks!
Ephanelle Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
It's amazing then- you get a double reference ! Especially considering the fact that tenma is astro `s creator and has gone missing =D
The-Knick Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Ha! What a coincidence! And he's actually a triple reference, because his design is based on a scientist in another one of my stories.
D-Stro Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Professional General Artist
Good designs :thumbsup::nod:
The-Knick Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
D-Stro Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Professional General Artist
You're welcome :dummy:
DragonDePlatino Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
Sad face. :(

Oh well...I guess I'll just lament over here in my corner with my claymation and pixel art. :tears:

A dying medium...
The-Knick Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I can tell you that claymation and pixel art are NOT dying mediums.

I WILL make a pixel art game one day, but I currently have no promises of acquiring a medium that I can make a pixel game in.
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