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February 26, 2010
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<<No loading screen. The Flash shouldn't take long to load>>

EDIT 2: Yay! I added more! I also took out a little minor things and threw in better things.

ALSO, check out girl #7. Introducing my newest character: "Kelp". Who is she? What is she? Is she a cyborg? Is she even human? I dunno, actually. She's brand new, so I still have some development. All I can say is that she's a plant-girl (if that wasnt obvious enough).


EDIT: YESH. Added tons more items, and now some other girls from my wecomic, !Retrospective. At least girls who fit as a similar body-type to Dinx.

Girls in order: Dinx, Diji, Retoo, Pengu, Maril, and Kodee

Also added Credits/Refs to the outfits © by me. Also worked out multi-layered items, like Nick/Edis's jacket, the bell-tipped scarfs, and the summer hat.

I tried covering all 6 of the character's fashion colors/styles, hence the tons of choices.

Oh, and the screen size is bigger to hold more items.


:iconreadplz: NOTES:
All original designs (C) by me! They are not for you to copy or distrubute, unless by my concent. If you have a question about a specific item, and if it's (C) or not, just ask me. If not, you have all the rights to use it (but none to claim it as your own).

Yes, I've got a little fashion design in me. It comes necessary in designing characters.

Yes, I'm a guy. Yes, I am completely heterosexual.

All the items in the green outline are items from other characters (others that are, but are outside the box are obvious to tell). All but the Sailor Scout uniform and Yoko Ritona's top are from my OWN OC's, those are also (C) by me.

I started this a couple weeks ago, and worked on this on my spare time.

For artistic reference, this probably took a few hours all together. Designing for the most part. I used no external references except for the cosplay items in the green outline, and the other accessories on the screen.

Dinx's FACE 6 is actually her original design from 3 years ago, but brought up-to-date. There's no old Dinx on DA, in fact I no longer have any of those old images period. So that's the best reference. The long blue hoodie in the way bottom-left is her original outfit as well.

Oh, hey, you wanna make a drag-n-drop thing like this (can be used for more than dress-ups)? Paste this script into any movieClip in Flash:

on(press) {

on(release) {


All characters star in !Retrospective, my webcomic: :iconretrounlimited:

Dinx Toramo, Diji Taal, Retoo eBancs, Pengu Frost, Kodee Calleo, respective designs, and art © 2010 by me, Nick Roger. All rights reserved. This may not be copied or distributed unless by my concent. Although fan art is welcome, but tell me beforehand and afterwards.

Yoko Ritona © Gurren Lagann and Gainex
Sailor Scout Uniforms © Sailor Moon.. and... whoever made them.

Drawn, Animated, and Scripted in Flash 8 (as2)
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Que lindo estilo de ropa y un buen dibujo BUEN TRABAJO!!!
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The sheer amount of work this represents is pretty impressive!
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