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September 5, 2010
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KA: Main Cast v1.6 by The-Knick KA: Main Cast v1.6 by The-Knick
[[download for larger view!]]

I'll stop updating so often. I'll wait until I have 5-10 more characters before updates now.

V1.6: Whoa, almost 10 more characters added. Added some basic Jellies, Sam, and Biojelly to "Characters".
V1.5: Added Kelp, Corrupted Forest Sprites, and Corrupted Mildew to "Characters". Also fixed Ominazzerd and recalculated its size; it's really 25x larger than shown here (bigger than this page).
V1.4: Added Nuts, Bolts, Blutterfish, and Ominazzerd to "Characters".
V1.3: Added Fraazzard and Brrizzina to "Characters", and Andrew-David to "Contributors".
V1.2: Added Kazuna, Camille, and Kid Kaiser to "Contributors".

Compilation of all the final and animation-ready character designs.

Including new characters, old characters, and redesigned/tweaked characters.

Name off! (left to right, top to bottom):

Knick Yakoya: The main character. You play as him.
Lutri L. Lutrius: Knick's best pal and spiritual brother.
Dinx Toramo: An adventurous and quirky young girl. She often gets into trouble when adventuring. Runs the Goodie Shoppe with Diji.
Diji Taal: A classy and smart cyborg girl. Runs the Goodie Shoppe with Dinx.
Celeste: Princess of the Stars. She's the sole daughter of the King of the Stars, and she protects the Star Orb.
Ranshackle: The main baddy. He's after the Star Orb and Celeste.
Yetifish: They live in the Northern Tundras. Some are hostile, but most are docile and live in a Yetifish town.
Momma Kat and her Kittens: Knick will often have to rescue Momma's kittens. She has 75 of them.
Granny Tuckit: A clumsy, yet adventurous and daring old lady who lives on the side of Mt. Titanium all by herself.

Edwina: A young maid of Castle Ishfraedolt; she was cursed with the rest of the inhabitants into a ghost. Though unlike the others, she's still sane.
Grandpa Knickolaus: Knick's grandfather, who has an adventurous spirit even in his old years. He has many stories to tell, and all are real.
Donatello McDon "The Don": A mafia leader in Bigopolis who claims to be of neutral in the balance of good and evil. He asks Knick to acquire a few 'misplaced' items.
Whamma Lamma: A hammer-weilding warrior of Able Town.
Ice Queen Icabelle: A cold-hearted, frost-bitten tyrant of the Northern Tundra. She has the powers of floating and throwing icicles.
Fuudan: A hefty, strong, yet kind-hearted fellow who works with Raidan in a traveling merchant business.
Raidan: A fast-talking, persuasive gal who works with Fuudan in a traveling merchant business.
Adrian Tenkata: A sugar-pumped cat-tailed boy who enjoys money, sugar, and racing people.
Princess Gumdrop: Princess of the Ice Cream Kindgom.
Peanut Brittle Knight: The knights of the Ice Cream Kingdom.

Fantastic Mr. V: A superhero from Bigopolis.
Fraazzard and Brrizzina: Boss. Twin evil dragon humanoids that fuse into the gigantic "Ominazzerd"
Nuts: An eagle-eyed old man who guards the Lapis Lake Bridge's West side. His younger brother guards the opposite side.
Bolts: An eagle-eyed old man who guards the Lapis Lake Bridge's East side. His younger brother guards the opposite side.
Blutterfish: A horned fish that invaded Lapis Lake. spews fog from its horn. Also the first mini-boss. Smack its horn with a hammer to deal major damage to it.
Kelp: A Forest sprite girl from Forever Forest.
Corrupted Forest Sprites: Masked Forest Sprites that are being controlled by Mildew's evil music. Masks inspired by (with permission) [link]

Green Jelly (normal): Lime flavored. Basic in all ways.
Red Jelly (tough): Raspberry flavored. A bully who likes picking on the weaker Jellies.
Blue Jelly (spiked): Mint flavored. Sporting his new helmet, he's ready for hard falls. Touching his spike is a bad idea.
Pink Jelly (??): Bubblegum flavored. She never goes outside without her makeup and accessories.
Gold Jelly (rare): Lemon flavored. Owns his own Jelly Estate, and likes waving his money around at others. His bowtie is to be coveted.
Spoiled Jelly (poisoned): Expired flavored. He passed his expiration date long ago, but he still keeps going.
Knight Jelly (armored): Cantalope flavored. Very anti-social. He has low self-esteem and prefers to hide his face under heavy armor.
Fisherman Sam: An old koot who enjoys sleeping and fishing at the same time. You'll find him at key Fishing Spots, and he'll often mumble about the place.

BioJelly: A massive Jelly made up of many smaller Jellies.
Corrupted Mildew: Mildew, a Forest Sprite, corrupted by a Star Orb Shard. Her music controls those with weak wills. The flower off of her head is called "Cloud Lavender".
OMINAZZERD: Boss. A gigantic twin-headed dragon fused of Fraazzard and Brrizzina. 1/5 its original size, and the second largest boss.

STAFF, HELPERS, FREINDS, AND CONTRIBUTORS. Will be featured in the game as trophies when you acquire in-game achievements.

Nick: ME! Creator and Artist of the game. Unlocked by clearing the Training Grounds in a record time.

~Sanjuro201: Contributor of "Donatello McDon". Unlocked by defeating 500 jellies.
Tum-Tum: Sanjuro's creation. Added to the Sanjuro trophy by defeating 502 jellies.

~Sandman-Ivan Sandman Ivan. Inspired the plans to go Xbox Live in the future. Unlocked by obtaining the Stone Hammer.

~hyperboy Gene "Machine" Goldstein. For being totally radical. Unlocked by (??)

~lutrius Marko Chavez, my awesome Mexican hombre. Original creator of Lutri -- You can see the resemblance, no? Unlocked by (??)

~AniMerrill Ethan Merrill. Helped with many small portions of moral support, and one of the possible voice actors (he's magically levitating a pencil and a webcam). Unlocked by (??)

~taelmx Kazuna Nakama. the Music Artist. Unlocked by (??)

~Juunshi Juunshi/Camille. Great moral support, along with fantastic fanart of Knick's Adventure already! She also designed the human-oid forms of Frazzerd and Brrizzerd. Unlocked by (??)

~Noland005 Kid Kaiser. Contributor of several characters, such as Space Cadet Grey, Octo King, and Trundle, and several other ideas. Unlocked by defeating a certain boss with a punch being the final blow.

=HaloOfWinter: Andrew-David Jahchan. Developer of the upcoming website,, which will be KA's primary location.

[upcoming contributors/helpers:]
=JohnJensen Helper with scripting (A TON).
Adam Hovey: Original creator of Adrian.
Aaron Roger: My brother and Helper with opinion support and beta testing.


More characters to come!


~Mr. V used to be a fakemon of mine named "Choppawnch".
~Princess Gumdrop was inspired by the show, "Adventure Time"

All characters, designs, concepts, and "Knick's Adventure" © 2010 by me, Nick Roger. All rights reserved. This may not be copied or distributed unless by my concent. Although fan art is welcome, but tell me beforehand and afterwards.

Lutri also © by Marko Chavez / ~lutrius
Adrian also © Adam Hovey

Artwork done in Flash
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