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August 28, 2013
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HB: Show Me Your Race Face by The-Knick HB: Show Me Your Race Face by The-Knick
A quick little chart showing 4 examples of each of the 12 humanoid races in Heartblade. Each row is Male - Female - Male - Female.

(* = Optional trait to race; does not apply to all members of race, but is common)
(Note: Yentun were removed as a main race, and Argons are renamed as Argorons)

►Terran (Tayr-əhn):
"A hard-working race of people who're known to quickly adapt to any situation or climate. Treasure-seekers and curious by heart, they're often adventurers, go-getters, and most prone to inventing and innovation."
● Physical Appearance: Eye colors are any neutral/dark color. Hair colors are any color.
● Racial Traits: Adaptability to Environment, +Skill/Class Learn Speed, +Mercantile, +Fortitude
● Rare Trait: Golden-Eyed

►Thunderfolk (Thun-durr-folk):
"A proud knowledge-seeking people from the Vasper mountains in tune with the Thunder magic coursing through their veins."
● Physical Appearance: Yellow-toned hair and eyes. Fair hair, pale skin, eyes slant to the sides from the bottom.
● Racial Traits: Thunder Affinity, Magic Affinity, Book Affinity, +Intellect, +Magic, +Magic Learn Speed
● Rare Trait: Aetheral Form

►Feldspartan (Fell-d-spar-tuhn):
"Hearty people who spend a majority of their lives in front of metals, anvils, goblets of beer, and in mineshafts. Any Feldspartan can easily distinguish a type of metal from another."
● Physical Appearance: Red-toned leathery skin, eye colors come in any shade but lean towards warm tones, grainy red-toned hair fades to yellow/white. Typically larger in build due to a culture involving excessive food and drink intake.
● Racial Traits: Fire Affinity, Tool Affinity, Cold Weakness, Knowledge of Metallurgy, +Labor
● Rare Trait: Mountainfist

►Norman (Nohr-məhn):
"Spritual people with thick skin to bear the harsh Bremian blizzards. Their bond with spirituality does not make them ignorant of sciences. They are naturals at medical magic and concoctions."
● Physical Appearance: Thick, dark, leathery skin, blue-toned large eyes and silky hair.
● Racial Traits: Cold Affinity, Fire Weakness, Spiritual Affinity, +Magic
● Rare Trait: Spirit of the Beast

►Zebbakite (Zebb-uh-kite):
"A war-savvy race of barbarians who generally keep to themselves and refuse to mingle with other races unless they're pillaging or conducting in warfare. Other races don't care to mingle anyhow, as the Zebbakite bear little in charm. Zebbakites catch diseases easily, but are built to accept and thrive off of them, and will not spread to other races so easily."
● Physical Appearance: Sickly, yet sturdy. Pale/bleached colored skin, eyes, and hair, pointy noses. Overall ugly.
● Racial Traits: Disease Affinity, *+Might for each Disease contracted, +Alchemy, +Fortitude
● Rare Trait: Beauty

►Leff (Leff):
"People of the deep forests and jungles, they are in tune with nature and have wood-like flesh. They have a deep respect for the woods and its creatures. They believe in a being name Ngaal, who is the mother of all nature - including themselves."
● Physical Appearance: Wood-like skin, large wooden noses, elvish ears, eyes and hair can be any color.
● Racial Traits: Nature Affinity, Woodland Affinity (Enhanced capability when near trees), Bow Affinity, +Defense, +Perception
● Rare Trait: Blossom's Boon

►Acquatian (Uh-kway-shee-ən):
"Amphibious people from all bodies of water. One of the eldest of races, they hold tight to their ancient culture. They've developed special magic to enable themselves land travel, and other species water travel."
● Physical Appearance: Webbed ears, fingers, and feet. Colorful skin, eyes, and hair.
● Racial Traits: Water Affinity, Thunder Weakness, Amphibious, *Octo-Legs, +Agility, +Dexterity
● Rare Traits: Cycloptian

►Branglon (Brayng-laun):
"Humanoids that don armor-like carapaces and mighty horns. They take pride in their fighting abilities. Branglon are magically inept and thus incapable of naturally handling magic. Some Branglons are prone to bulkier armor and growing up to three times as large as a Terran."
● Physical Appearance: Metalic armor embedded to body, beetle horns, tanned skin, usually dark hair,
● Racial Traits: Metal Affinity, Sand Affinity, Magic Inept,
● Rare Trait: Goldplate

►Lepid (Leh-pid):
"A race that is mostly non-violent due to their small, frail bodies. Lepids can expel silk and are great tailors, but all crave for the taste of fabric. Lepids often like to dress flashy and are very charismatic. Their antennae replace noses, disable their ability to smell, but allow them to feel even the most minor of vibrations in the air and ground."
● Physical Appearance: Short stature (3-4 feet tall), large bug-like eyes, huge pupils
● Racial Traits: Gravity Affinity, Fabric Hunger, Quadexterous, Lightweight, Minor Flight, Child-Like Charm +Merchant, +Charisma
● Rare Trait: Bioluminescence

►Kincharoa (Keen-cha-roh-ah):
"Close cousins to the Lepids, the Kincharoa are steeped in disipline and tradition. They are descended from purebred assassins whom were adept in secret fighting arts."
● Physical Appearance: Very tall (6-9 feet tall), Dark carapace skin, large eyes
● Racial Traits: Illusion Affinity, Quadexterous
● Rare Trait: Cameleon

►Totorite (Toh-tor-ite):
"A race that originates from the volcanic regions in Gorgal. Fire-proof skin lets them bathe in lava and resist spells more than other races. Savants of their kind enjoy recklessly experimenting with magic in ways that other races can't."
● Physical Appearance: Scaley skin, horns, large build, yellow, red, blue, or green eyes.
● Racial Traits: Magical Resistance, Fireproof, +Knowledge of Magic, +Magic, +Golemancy +Defense
● Rare Trait: Dragonflight

►Argoron (Ahr-gore-on):
"Argons evolved from deep-earth monsters, becoming humanoids after living on the surface for some time. They still enjoy the comfort of the earth, and carry large shovel-like claws to dig."
● Physical Appearance: Large stature (5-7(^15) feet tall), Short fur covering entire body, *horns, red/brown-tinted fur, eyes can be any color.
● Racial Traits: Earth Affinity, Digging Prowess, +Perception, +Attack
● Rare Trait: ^Giant

Heartblade and Races © by I, Nick Roger/~The-Knick. Do not copy or distribute.

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icyninjakitty1245 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
The purple-haired Zebbakite is kind of...Ahem...Charming...:iconblushplz:
icyninjakitty1245 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
Well, to me. I have a strange liking to strange people.
DarkSpr1t3 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The multi humanoid race concept reminds me of D and D. These are really amazing too.
thesilverfarie Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
These concepts are amazing!! When I saw the different species I instantly noticed hints of dungeons and dragons!! :D
The-Knick Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! Funny, though, because the only remote inspiration I took from D&D was that the Feldspartons are Dwarf-like.
Dr-BaseballCap Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Is this going to be a game? Is it already a game?
The-Knick Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
It's going to be a comic. But, since I'm better at designing games than comics, I'm designing it like an MMORPG. I do have the idea to make it a game if the comic is successful. 

So theoretically... yes.
ValkenhaynDornez Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazingly impressive. Your imagination never ceases to bewilder me.
The-Knick Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Crokey924 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gah, I love seeing all the thought that each race was give. They all have unique characteristics that has something for everyone. I can already sorta imagine ways to play as each race. I love them all but I am particularly fond of Argorons and Branglons. Amazing work as always.

I am very curious to see how you see each race's "Capital" as most Fantasy worlds have a main city for each race. I can sorta see each race's theme be displayed throughout a city which I think is really awesome that you can make them that distinct that others can see them as well. But what I really wanna see is how you would envision them, seeing how you are the creator. Even though I haven't seen you do much landscaping and architecture, the little bit I see you do definitely have some charm to it. I dunno how high on the list that is for you but I would love to see it.
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