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About Digital Art / Professional Member Nick (Knick) Roger23/Male/United States Groups :iconproject-rightstick: Project-Rightstick
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My skills and mediums you'll see in my gallery:

Primary Skills:

Vector art (Flash)
Animation (Flash)
Character, Monster, and Fashion Design / Concepts
Game Design
Pixel Art

Secondary Skills:

(I'm fairly good at these, but I don't do them too much (yet))
Traditional Pencil Sketching
3D Art -- still starting out, but I'm learning quickly. My strong point is modelling.

Minor Skills:

(Kinda suck at these, but I will still experiment with them here and there)
3D Animation
Digital Painting

Random Favourites


Eily Sprite Update by The-Knick
Eily Sprite Update

I’m revising and updating Eily’s spritesheet, and also, her hair - which has been a big mess ever since her creation.

And while it probably hasn’t been incredibly noticeable, her hair has been inconsistent in the spritesheet - with both itself and the illustrative art as of recent.

Monster Week W1M1 - Roblin by The-Knick
Monster Week W1M1 - Roblin

Monster Week 1 — Monster #1: Roblin

Battle Theme

Species: Faren Roblin
 Forest Goblin Bird
Element: Gravity
Danger Rank: D+
Origin: Heartblade

"Years of evolution and the strange nature of Endova’s wooded regions have turned simple bauble-picking forest birds into the kleptomaniac Goblin Birds. They’re otherwise known simply as Roblins by the local population. Roblins are capable of speaking broken human languages, have opposable thumbs, and like to wear garments, jewelry, and satchels stolen from human victims — although only the flock leader wears jewelry, which seems to be its way of proving its alpha status.

Roblins have an uncanny ability to work in teams, splitting the spoils equally amongst themselves. Quarrels over the alpha status usually only occurs following the death of their flock leader, and is settled as soon as the first live roblin dons a piece of jewelry.”

~Charles M.M. Hornswell

Mydhilde: Something Fishy by The-Knick
Mydhilde: Something Fishy


Specifically, I love designing fish.

Here we have a preview of a fraction of the species of fish you can find in the rivers, lakes, and seas of Mydhilde. There’s actually over 40 unique species of fish you’ll be able to catch in Mydhilde, including several Legendary Fish.

I’ll discuss the actual fishing system when that’s ready to be talked about. I have some neat plans to make fishing fun as hell, but there’s a lot of details I need to iron out.

Mydhilde: Event Log by The-Knick
Mydhilde: Event Log

Working on an event log that makes certain things clearer. This is an optional feature. It can be turned off, or altered to show certain notes.

Ideally, most of these things will be more clear through visuals, effects, and sounds, so the average player won’t necessarily NEED this feature. But it’s nice to have available anyway, right?

Also, for clarification: “Gælach” is the name of Mydhilde’s moon. It is literally Irish for “moon”.


So far, just the basics, and placeholder recipes (none of the recipes shown reflect the final product). I need to expand the coding to allow more flexible, "shapeless" recipes.

More enemies! These three are specifically recycled from some of my Fakemon.

First off, we have the Rolldbug. A diligent fellow who rolls around large balls of excrements and mud while walking backwards. These balls pick up a lot of extra crap, and can drop some surprising things if you have the nerve to break them open.

Secondly, there’s the Zlugg, who’s not nearly as dangerous itself as the trail of potent Electrooze that it leaves behind in its sluggish wake. Not only is electrooze coursing with serious amounts of electricity, but it may also be rather poisonous.

And lastly, but most dangerously, is the outlandish Reefwark. Using the coralized husks of another creature’s remains as cover, these urchin-like sea snakes watch for unwary prey and strike with intense speed and ferocity.

Designs are subject to change, particularly after the spritesheets have been made, as I’ve realized.

Lava! And On Fire status effect!

And also death.

Status Effects!

I don’t have anything other than On Fire working, but the basic status effect handlers are running smoothly. I’ll go over all of the status effects at a later date.

Also "Bad Poison" is something I need to work on. There might be status modifiers making certain effects more potent, which would render the need for "Bad Poison".

Axes and Trees!

Currently adding more support for other tool types. Here’s showing off the axe and how chopping trees down works. You can’t cut down every tree, just the skinnier ones. Different tree types drop different things, but I’m contemplating on different timber types. Also, TREES ARE REALLY HARD TO DO IN PIXEL ART. They look sorta decent now, but I still need to figure out a style.


Added support for cudgels (maces/hammers/clubs/etc.). They’re a terrible aerial weapon, but they have good splash damage when on the ground. They also have low critical chance, but high critical power.

As usual, anything and everything is subject to change, some things aren't finished, etc. etc. But feel free to suggest/comment/critique anyway.


Nick (Knick) Roger
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
An imagination-and-innovation-powered artistic machine; Cartoonist, Comic Artist, Character Designer, Monster Designer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Artist, and Animator. I strive to make it as a big-time video game artist/writer someday and bring my ideas to life. And maybe a few comics inbetween.

Job Titles:
Game Developer/Artist/Animator
Monster/Character Designer
Flash Game Developer/Artist/Animator

MADSOFT Games Inc: Canned Meat Studios -- Flash Game Developer, Lead Artist/Animator
Rightstick Interactive -- Co-Founder, Lead Artist

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