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About Digital Art / Professional Member Nick (Knick) Roger23/Male/United States Groups :iconproject-rightstick: Project-Rightstick
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My skills and mediums you'll see in my gallery:

Primary Skills:

Vector art (Flash)
Animation (Flash)
Character, Monster, and Fashion Design / Concepts
Game Design
Pixel Art

Secondary Skills:

(I'm fairly good at these, but I don't do them too much (yet))
Traditional Pencil Sketching
3D Art -- still starting out, but I'm learning quickly. My strong point is modelling.

Minor Skills:

(Kinda suck at these, but I will still experiment with them here and there)
3D Animation
Digital Painting

Random Favourites


RotLDC Day 6: Halfmask by The-Knick
RotLDC Day 6: Halfmask

Rise of the Living Dead Characters — Day 6 King “Halfmask” Ancarid (Island Terra)


Well, I totally forgot just how much detail was in this guy until I got to drawing him again. I decided to adhere to the original style and keep him with the tall-body-short-legs style the game had, similar to Wind Waker.

Halfmask himself was once a very very good king until he was presented with a magical mask that took over his body and turned him evil. For many years, he’s terrorized the island with his masked beasts and iron-fisted rule.

Island Terra was a fun little game idea I had once. It was about 3 kids who get washed up on an unknown island, and they work together to solve the island’s mystery and get back home. It was fun until I realized that the game’s concept revolved too much around masks and thus was a big Majora’s Mask clone. The only thing that the game had going for it besides ripping off Legend of Zelda tropes was the 3 heroes themselves and the gameplay which would involve using all 3 of them at a time (or something like that).

Speaking of Island Terra, this game was where the “Eyes Of Gold” (granting the owner to see past illusions and lies) that Niko has in Heartblade came from.

Mydhilde: Drops Aplenty
Gold, Health, Magic, and Experience pickups are added! Each one has different sizes for different amounts.

(red hearts = health, purple blobs/bottles = magic, blue spheres = exp)

Health and Magic pickups usually don’t drop at that kind of rate, but Gold and Experience do. I coded Gold and Experience pickups to divide a given amount between drops of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100+ bits.

When you’re really close to a pickup, Eily will suck them up, but equipping something with the Magnet effect will draw them in from a longer distance.

Also, yeeeess, I will update that sword animation sometime soon.

RotLDC Day 5: Princess Frostina by The-Knick
RotLDC Day 5: Princess Frostina

Rise of the Living Dead Characters — Day 5: Princess Frostina (KNICK! / Knick’s Adventure)


Such a lovely design, but unfortunately for her, her kingdom of Zero North was removed from Parlon, because Ice Cream Isle now takes the place of the token-ice-world.

However, I GOTTA reuse her for something.

RotLDC Day 4: Retoo by The-Knick
RotLDC Day 4: Retoo

(whoops, forgot to submit this here yesterday)

Rise of the Living Dead Characters — Day 4: Retoo (Heartblade)


Well, this jam is doing a good job of reminding me just how much I liked these characters.

Retoo/Retoh is a chimera girl. Some sort of abomination or weird hybrid, her frame is small and extremely frail, but the muscle tissues that form up the parts of her body that look like hair - are extremely powerful, and her pigtail-claws can cut through stone. Her origin story kept changing, and the only real reason she was cut from Heartblade was because I couldn’t write her in. I suppose there ARE other places I could possibly squeeze her into, but  for now she’s still a dead character.

Mydhilde: Sunrise... Sunset...

It took a LOT of effort, but I finally have a functioning day/night cycle.

The actual in-game time will run at about 1 second real life = 1 minute in-game. When the time reaches 17:00/18:00, the sun starts to set, and the sun rises again at 6:00/7:00.

The biggest issue I had was that the lighting system didn’t like being at low alpha levels, leaving weird artifacts or the like which would appear when the cycle turned to night again and quickly fade. So I had to dig around the internet to find some vague code that just so happened to work when I put it in the right spot. Some sort of alpha blend cancelling?

I probably sound like I have no idea what I’m doing, and yeah, that’s partially true.

Also I think this is the first time I’ve shown the whole screen! I still have to figure out what else I can put in the HUD.

Also the upper-left text is just debug text for spawning items on stage.

So I actually ordered it about two weeks ago, but I had it delivered to MY OLD/MOM'S HOUSE

I finally got it back today, and I'm trying out new characters.

Apparently Pac-Man might be one of my new mains?


Nick (Knick) Roger
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
An imagination-and-innovation-powered artistic machine; Cartoonist, Comic Artist, Character Designer, Monster Designer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Artist, and Animator. I strive to make it as a big-time video game artist/writer someday and bring my ideas to life. And maybe a few comics inbetween.

Job Titles:
Game Developer/Artist/Animator
Monster/Character Designer
Flash Game Developer/Artist/Animator

MADSOFT Games Inc: Canned Meat Studios -- Flash Game Developer, Lead Artist/Animator
Rightstick Interactive -- Co-Founder, Lead Artist

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Oh gosh, i'm so inspired by your style !
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Thanks! :D
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Great work mate, pretty neat, hope you accept the solicitud for the groups, to show your work, mate!
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Thought I'd tell you I took a cruise through your gallery and loved it. Dunno why I've never spotted you before. Fantastic stuff. Great creativity.
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