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My skills and mediums you'll see in my gallery:

Primary Skills:

Vector art (Flash)
Animation (Flash)
Character, Monster, and Fashion Design / Concepts
Game Design
Pixel Art

Secondary Skills:

(I'm fairly good at these, but I don't do them too much (yet))
Traditional Pencil Sketching
3D Art -- still starting out, but I'm learning quickly. My strong point is modelling.

Minor Skills:

(Kinda suck at these, but I will still experiment with them here and there)
3D Animation
Digital Painting

Random Favourites

It's actually been a little more than a WHOLE YEAR I've been working on Mydhilde. It was a little into July 2014 that I started.

I've never worked so consistently on a single project in MY LIFE, so this is pretty scary.

I've learned so many things working in Game Maker: Studio, and I'm really looking forward to the next two years (estimated) of working on Mydhilde.

Here's a little tribute to the progress I've made over the past year:

First Eily concepts:
Fleshing out a new character for my new game concept. With alternate outfits.

First steps into animation and coding:
Starting the character animations!
Kinda surprised myself with how well the running animation came out on the first try… considering I haven’t done a whole lot of top-down animations OR pixel art animations.
BTW, the name of this game is Mydhilde, and our hero’s name is Eily (probably not final?).MAKIN PROGRESS~
Game maker keeps getting more fun to work with. The only thing that was somewhat difficult to code was getting the sword to appear and do its thang (it’s a separate entity so that it can have its own separate spritesheet).
I’ll focus more on proper animation later.
You will not find these kinds of rocks that drop so many weird things, because by the time I’m done with the game, I’ll have destroyed them all already!

Evolution of the GUI design:
Working on the HUD
The Life and Magic bars actually work (but graphics are not final).
The ASDF spaces were how I was going for the hotkeyed weapons and tools, but I just remembered that I scrapped that control scheme idea for a different one that best involves Power Attacks, while also allowing more hotkeyed slots. I’ll fix that later…
The HUD also  has a lot of room, so I’ll also show other stats, like hunger(?), stamina, temperature, and current equipment.I didn’t do a major amount of coding today, but this is a significant enough of a feature.
There are both Global and Local item IDS. Items in your inventory pull initial data from the Global ID’s, but each individual item has its own Local ID’s, allowing stack numbers and durability – and featured here: custom names, rarity, and descriptions. They can also store local Power Attacks and Abilities, because most crafted items will allow you to add your own.
Local ID’s also allow me to stuff in custom Notes and mark certain items Important (which means they’re for quest completion and cannot be destroyed or placed in unprotected chests). Important items are also marked so that you can easily tell what items are Important.
Updatin’ the GUI. It’s more streamlined, less cluttered, better color palette, removed that fat-ass border, and decided to give the okay to floating menus.
Now that there’s more room, I’m also going to make those stat bars look better. And probably longer.
Also I’m going to upgrade the font to something nicer.
You know what, let’s just remake everything.I spent all day working on the new pause screen.
It has movable subscreens!
Also yes, I’m going to adde higher res icons for each item, too. I’m an artist before a programmer, so when the programming ends up easy, I choose to make it harder by adding more art! Haha!
Redesigned the bars in favor of sleek designs. Also brought back extending bars. This time they’re coded in a way that when you have minimum health/magic/stamina, the bar is still large enough to read (and for the numbers to be displayed), and yet when you have a ton of health/magic/stamina, it doesn’t cover the whole screen, and a 500 health bar isn’t exactly 10x more than a 50 health bar.
Specifically, the bar width is (health)/4+50 pixels in width.
Also, check out how that Stamina bar is being cut by an extra end piece. As  Eily moves, attacks, and outright exhausts herself, she accumulates Fatigue. Your maximum Stamina is reduced by your Fatigue - until you barely have any max Stamina left. Fatigue can be reduced (and your max Stamina restored) by consuming foods.
Also, I recently made a more compact font version for just these sorts of things.mydhilde:

It took about a whole week to do this, but I finally migrated all the old content (minus the Map) from the previous pause menu to the new UI layout.The Map content is going to be a pain to set up without any official maps yet, so I’ll save that for the Beta Demo, when I can properly implement it.There’s a couple of small tweaks left, like writing information on the bars and status effects, and fool-proofing the keybinding (right now I have it set up so that you can still use the mouse to set the controls to default if you mess up really badly, but I’ll add more measures later).Time to get to adding the rest of 0.2a’s content!-Nick

And more:
External inventories! For chests, drawers, random corpses, urns, etc.!
Later, I’ll have to make a special chest that can store a ton of items, because if you purchase a home in Mydhilde, you’ll have access to a super special extra-large chest designated towards holding all of your extra items (it may require a home upgrade, though).

Who’s ready for a Magical Rainbow Beehive Adventure™?image

“Gee! I sure wish I had some bombs right about now!”
Actual snapshot from one of Mydhilde’s beautifully animated cutscenes. I’m hoping these cutscenes will provide an additional layer of detail into the world and characters of Mydhilde. This way, you’ll truly have a feel of what emotions the characters are conveying as they interact, and it’ll be a nice break from the shallow and repetitive gameplay.
They’ll also be a unique method of conveying visual hints to the player how to solve puzzles and whatnot. Like this scene, for instance, is triggered when Eily approaches a bomb-able surface, but does not have any bombs in her inventory. This’ll clue the player that they should march back to the store and buy some – you guessed it! Parchment Paper!


Nick (Knick) Roger
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
An imagination-and-innovation-powered artistic machine; Cartoonist, Comic Artist, Character Designer, Monster Designer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Artist, and Animator. I strive to make it as a big-time video game artist/writer someday and bring my ideas to life. And maybe a few comics inbetween.

Job Titles:
Game Developer/Artist/Animator
Monster/Character Designer
Flash Game Developer/Artist/Animator

MADSOFT Games Inc: Canned Meat Studios -- Flash Game Developer, Lead Artist/Animator
Rightstick Interactive -- Co-Founder, Lead Artist

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But yeah, I'll keep on working hard anyhow.
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